China Freight Cargo Insurance

Whether by sea, air, or land – raw materials, production goods, and products traded and transported worldwide are exposed to many risks during transit. If your cargo gets lost or is damaged or stolen, this very quickly affects entire supply and production chains and can cause severe financial damage to your company. ABL Logistics recommends always getting cargo insurance for your shipments when shipping with us.

Cargo Insurance Is A Cost Worth Carrying

Insurance is money worth spending because it is rare for a shipment to have a value lower than the amount the freight forwarder or carrier is liable for.

If the value of your shipment exceeds the amount that the freight forwarder or carrier is liable for, or if you are shipping to destinations lacking a well-organized infrastructure, you should consider taking on the relatively low extra cost of transport insurance.

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Cargo Insurance Coverage & Conditions

The benefits of cargo insurance are plenty.Our China freight insurance has benefits further than standard to provide you with the best coverage, including:

  • Basis of Valuation: CIF + 10% or 110% of Invoice Value
  • Insurance Rate: 0.6%
  • Damage manifestation up to 30 days after delivery
  • Up to 30 days storage of consolidation cargo
  • Compensation for loss of cargo upon arrival of FCL-cargo with intact container seal.
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Cargo Insurance for All Shipping Types

Insurance for land, air, and sea; marine cargo insurance can shield your shipments from various accidents, theft, and natural disasters.

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