Customs Broker Services in China

Need your freight shipments delivered faster from China? Try ABL Logistics. Our dedicated freight forwarding solutions with efficient Customs Clearance Services can facilitate your freight forwarding process from China, ensuring fast and secure delivery. Our customs broker experts will manage the complexity, whether it’s import or export customs clearance.

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Efficient customs clearance process

What is Customs Clearance?

Typically speaking, customs clearance involves preparing and submitting documentation required to export or import your goods into or out of a country. Customs clearance is a crucial part of your cargo shipping seamlessly across the world from Point A to Point B.

As experts in goods transport, at ABL Logistics, no matter where you want to export your goods from China, we are by your side for both Export Customs Clearance and Import Customs Clearance.

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Why ABL is The Best for Your Customs Clearance Support?

We know that time is precious, so we are here to help you gain time, spend less money and take care of your business. That’s why the ABL logistics team is also trained and specialized in custom clearance facilities services that we can offer you. Our DDP shipping from China is a freight forwarding service with a single all-inclusive fee including import duties, taxes, and other charges related to delivery.

We complete all of the necessary formalities

Greater speed and safety of the logistics operation

Improved cost efficiency

Transparency in all processes

Import Customs Clearance

Any goods exported from China must be declared to China Customs. At ABL Logistics, we have our own customs broker in China; whether air, sea, or express, our experts always pay attention to the latest standards and laws, and are responsible for accurately classifying several categories of imported goods.

Importers still check people frequently, and we pay great attention to quickly clearing all your goods while meeting all compliance rules.

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Export Customs Clearance

Export customs clearance is a government requirement to gain permission to load an outbound vessel for exporters shipping outside of their trade zones. ABL Logistics provides customs clearance services for ports in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, and other European countries.

Ready to ship? Try our DDP shipping from China with an all-inclusive fee including transport of goods and customs clearance. Click “Get a Quote” now and get the best rate.

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Customs Transit Documentation

We prepare and submit all the required documents and then clear your goods through the customs, ensuring 100% compliance with their customs regulations and regulations, accompanying and natural, and ensuring your items get to the right destination smoothly.

Take advantage of our DDP shipping from China to worldwide services with a single all-inclusive fee. Get A Quote Now.

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Smooth Customs Clearance Experience with ABL Logistics

Our knowledge of the different kinds of goods and the regulations applicable to every mode of freight transport means we can enable a fast and transparent service while avoiding delays due to legal or duty issues.

Our experienced consultants can analyze your supply chain to help strengthen external activities, optimize control, expansion, and other identification, identify potential vulnerabilities and optimize internal control procedures and control procedures to improve compliance.

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ABL Logistics offers various freight solutions, from transportation to warehousing to customs clearance services. We ship your cargo from door to door or warehouse to warehouse. Contact us today to unlock your business with our winning logistics strategy.

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