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Your Reliable China Sourcing Agent – ABL Logistics

ABL Logistics is a trusted Chinese purchasing agent, which can help global customers buy from Taobao/Tmall/JD, or source directly from factories.

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Why You Need China Sourcing Agent?

1) Most of the sellers on Taobao/Tmall/JD are individuals who are most likely not well versed in English. As a result, miscommunication is bound to happen, and money will be wasted.

2) Most of the sellers have no experience in international shipping. Even if they do international shipping, you may be buying from many different sellers, and you will not be able to save shipping costs from combined shipping.

3) Credit card has yet to penetrate China to the extent that it can be a common online payment method, so most online stores in China do not accept VISA, Mastercard, or American Express. Although Paypal does have a presence in China, it charges outrageous withdrawal fees for international payments, so sellers are unwilling to accept payment by Paypal.

A Trusted Sourcing Agent Help You Buy From China

We specialize in providing shopping and shipping services from Taobao/Tmall/JD, or sourcing directly from China factories. As a professional sourcing agent in China, we help you buy all kinds of products offered at meager prices from China’s biggest domestic online shopping website. We are your Taobao/Tmall/JD sourcing agent who can find, purchase, check and deliver the items on these websites. Our offer includes sourcing, buying, and global shipping from China.

Sourcing & Shipping From China To Worldwide

ABL Logistics offers the most extensive discounts for international shipping from China to all countries, including the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc. We provide information for online tracking for all shipping overseas. No matter where you and your customers are, we deliver your parcel straight to your door at the best shipping rates.

Get a free quote now. Let us help you with sourcing from China.

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One Stop Logistics Solution from Sourcing to Shipping to Delivery

ABL Logistics aims to streamline your one-stop sourcing process in China and ensure Fast Speed To Market for your products. After the local sourcing, if you need our professional freight shipping services, please follow up with our expert for FREE warehousing for 40 days and affordable international shipping services.

Contact us to enjoy our One Stop Sourcing and Door-To-Door Shipping services from China to Global.

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Ready to Source from China? Contact Your ABL Sourcing Agent

We help American/Canadian/European businesses reduce costs and boost profit by manufacturing in China. Let us know the product you would like manufactured in China; we will source the product & reply with a detailed quote. Click “Get A Quote” to get the best rate or contact us to discuss your supply chain diversification ideas.

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FAQs from Your Reliable China Sourcing Agent

1. Can you help with labeling and packing?2022-09-28T09:24:00+00:00

Yes, please provide detailed packaging requirements.

2. Can you help me inspect our goods?2022-09-26T03:29:29+00:00

Yes, Please offer your detailed requirements for the inspection.

3. Can you help pick up our goods from inland China?2022-09-26T03:29:29+00:00

Yes, Please offer the exact address for picking up.

4. How can I pay you when sourcing from China with you?2022-09-26T03:29:29+00:00

You can pay us through bank transfer (T/T), Western Union, Paypal, etc.

5. Can you ship my goods to Amazon/Europe warehouse?2022-09-26T03:29:29+00:00

Yes, we can help ship your goods to Amazon/Europe warehouse, store, or deliver them to your door.

6. Can you offer buying service, payment, and generation contact suppliers?2022-09-26T03:29:29+00:00

Sure, ABL Logistics provides the most professional and verstile sourcing agenct services.

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