FCL And LCL Shipping From China To Europe By Rail

Having goods that need to be shipped quickly but cost-effectively between Asia and Europe? ABL Logistics’ Rail Freight Solution is the ideal choice. We offer regular rail connections from China to Europe for both FCL and LCL shipments.

Faster than sea freight and cheaper than air freight, rail transport is a safe, eco-friendly, flexible, and reliable transportation alternative.


on-time delivery success rate


times reduced shipping costs


times faster transit time

Why Choose Rail Freight Transport

Cheaper than airfreight and with a shorter transit time than the sea one, this alternative transport method offers all the features of modern logistics. It is possible to transport large volumes at a very attractive price/transit time combination in a safe and eco-friendly manner through the longest railway in the world, which connects China with Europe.

  • Cheaper Than Air Freight (10 times cheaper than via air)
  • Transit time much shorter than Sea Freight (16 to 21 days)
  • Good for the environment (5 x less CO2 emission than ocean)
  • Less congestion and fewer accidents (punctuality increases by 10 times)
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Rail Freight for Full Containers & General Cargo

ABL’s full range of freight services for rail transport between China and Europe covers FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less Container Load/piece goods). Our rail freight services include door-to-door deliveries for full containers and piece goods.

  • Full Container Loads (FLC)
  • Less Than Full Container Loads (LCL)
  • Bulk Cargo (solids and liquids)
  • Non-containerized Freight
  • Our rail transport can handle almost any size and type of shipment–contact our experts to learn more

Rail Freight Solution Matches Your Business Needs

You can transport your full container Load, bulk cargo, or oversized shipments with ABL’s Rail Freight Services. You can choose from our Door-to-door Solution via train only, or Intermodal Transport Solution: Ocean + Rail, Road + Rail.

Get your goods from China to anywhere else in Europe by rail within 15 to 21 days! Our complete rail freight solution offers customs clearance, warehousing, express services, and more!

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ABL’s Rail Freight Services At A Glance

All-inclusive rates for door-to-door shipping include all steps required to ship freight from origin to destination:

  • Collection: Collection of the shipment from a specified address (we can pick-up your railway cargo from different suppliers in China).
  • Handling: Your shipment is repacked if necessary and then delivered to the rail company.
  • Customs Clearance: Process Customs Clearance for your rail shipments.
  • Transport: Rail freight transport from the origin rail station to the destination rail station.
  • Transshipment/Handling: Shipment is transferred to our warehouses
  • Customs Clearance: Customs clearance at the receiving rail station.
  • Door To Door Delivery: Shipment delivery to a specified destination.
  • Documentation: Costs for administration and delivery of documentation.

Why Choose ABL for Your Rail Freight Service

Our team of experts works hard to deliver optimal rail freight solutions to you, strengthening our core service offerings with innovative technology, facilities, and systems that help your business form a sustainable competitive advantage. Choosing ABL Logistics as your rail freight partner provides you with:

Stable Prices

Assurance of stable fares regardless of fluctuations in fuel prices.

Fast Transportation

Much shorter transit times than for sea transportation.

Eco friendly Shipping

Safe, reliable, flexible, and environmentally friendly transportation.

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Rail Freight & Intermodal

Regular intermodal connections Europe-China/ China-Europe (FCL & LCL).

Buy From China, Ship Europe

Access to a Europe-wide system of railway networks. Rail freight transport to all EU countries: France, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, etc.

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Inland Transportation

Also covers Chinese Inland origins/destinations. Our professional trucking team ensures your shipments are in operation from the warehouse to the port or rail station.

Smooth Customs Clearance

Extensive ABL-Network in both the country of departure & destination with experts to ensure smooth handling, including all transport and customs clearance.

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Value-added Services

ABL also offers you Free value-added services such as Storage, Kitting & Labeling, Repacking, and Shipping Management.

Improve Your Supply Chain with Efficient Rail Freight Transport

Ready to ship by rail? ABL Logistics’ rail freight experts can design efficient solutions between many destinations in China and Europe and within Europe that give you a wide range of benefits.

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