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Air Freight: Shipping from China to Amazon FBA

Jul 13, 2023
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Shipping from China to Amazon FBA via air freight is a popular and efficient option for those looking to get their goods to their destination as quickly as possible. The speed of air freight allows goods to be sent and delivered to Amazon FBA warehouses within a matter of days, no matter where in China they are being shipped from.

Air freight also offers the advantage of a streamlined customs clearance process, making it an ideal choice for those wanting to transport their goods with minimal hassle. AB Logistics can help you arrange and coordinate your air freight shipments from China to Amazon FBA warehouses, providing you with a fast and easy way to transport your products.

How to Calculate the Weight of your Shipment

As a rough estimation, you may hope to pay about $4 to $6 for each kilogram for airship shipping from China to Amazon within the United States. Yet you will likewise need to represent customs clearance charges and duties.

Air transportation dimensional weight method

Dimensional weight = length (centimeters) * width (centimeters) * height (centimeters) / 6000.

Transportation time from China to Amazon by Air

Air shipping time will be around 10 days obtuse compared to Express. Yet everything relies upon the flight picked by your forwarder.

  • China to Amazon distribution center in the US: Takes 10-12 working days
  • China to Amazon stockroom in Canada: Takes 12 working days
  • China to Europe (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Italy) Amazon warehouse: Takes 13 working days

ABL Logistics Offers Professional Assistance With Your Shipments

Express Shipping to Amazon FBA

Express delivery time from China to the US and Europe:

The transportation time for Express delivery is the fastest compared to other courier services. Here are the delivery times for the famous Express courier services.

  • DHL: 2-4 business days
  • UPS: 2-3 business days
  • FedEx: 2-3 business days

Express shipping from China to Amazon FBA is ideal for shipments with volume and gross weight of under 1 CBM and 200 KG, respectively. The chargeable weight is either the gross or the volume, whichever is higher. The formula used to calculate the volume weight (using the metric system) is the total CBM divided by 5000.

Typically, China freight forwarders can get a discounted shipping rate for shipments of this size from carriers like UPS, DHL, and FedEx. Getting a quote from your freight forwarder in China may be advantageous if you already have an established relationship in China if a problem arises during the transit.

Air Freight Advantages and Benefits

Air freight shipping from China to Amazon FBA warehouses offers certain advantages over rail or sea shipping. Air freight is the fastest mode of transportation, allowing goods to be sent and delivered within a few days.

Additionally, air freight requires less paperwork and has fewer restrictions than rail or sea shipping, making it easier and quicker to transport goods. The streamlined customs clearance process also makes air freight the most convenient choice for sending goods, as it eliminates the need for complex paperwork.

Air freight is also an often more expensive option than rail or sea freight, but it can be worth the price if you need your goods to arrive at their destination quickly and free from delays.

With air freight, you can rest assured that your goods will arrive on schedule. AB Logistics can help you arrange and coordinate your air freight shipments from China to Amazon FBA warehouses, saving you time and allowing you to get your products to their destination without delays.

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