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What is Shippping to Amazon FBA.

Shipping to Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) refers to the process of sending your products to an Amazon fulfillment center so that Amazon can store, pack, and ship your products to customers on your behalf. This is a service offered by Amazon to help sellers simplify their e-commerce operations and reach a wider customer base through the Amazon marketplace.

When you enroll in Amazon's FBA program, you'll be able to store your inventory in Amazon's warehouses, and when an order is placed for one of your products, Amazon will pick, pack, and ship the product to the customer. Amazon will also handle customer service and returns. By using FBA, you can take advantage of Amazon's vast network of fulfillment centers and delivery options, which can help you reach more customers and increase sales.

How to ship goods to Amazon FBA.

  1. Prepare your products: Make sure your products are properly labeled and packaged according to Amazon's guidelines.
  2. Create a shipment plan: Log in to your seller account on Seller Central and create a new shipment plan. This will allow you to select the products you want to send to FBA, choose the fulfillment center(s) where you want them to be stored, and specify the quantity of each product.
  3. Print labels and packing slips: Once you've created your shipment plan, Amazon will provide you with labels and packing slips that you'll need to print and attach to your products and boxes.
  4. Pack your products: Pack your products according to Amazon's guidelines, making sure to include the correct labels and packing slips. You can also use Amazon's FBA Prep Service if you prefer to have Amazon handle the packaging and labeling for you.
  5. Ship your products: Once your products are packed and ready to go, you can either schedule a carrier pickup or drop off your boxes at a carrier location.
  6. Track your shipment: Once your shipment is on its way, you can track it using the carrier's tracking number. Amazon will also provide updates on the status of your shipment through Seller Central.

Overall, shipping to Amazon FBA involves a bit of preparation and planning, but it can be a convenient way to manage your inventory and fulfill orders more efficiently.

How to quickly ship goods to Amazon FBA.

Prepare your inventory for shipment: Make sure your products are properly labeled and packaged in accordance with Amazon's guidelines.

Create a shipment plan: In your Amazon Seller Central account, create a new shipment plan and select the products you want to send to FBA.

Set up shipping details: Enter the number of units you're sending, the box dimensions and weight, and the carrier you'll be using.

Print and attach shipping labels: Once you've completed the shipment plan, print the shipping labels and attach them to each box of inventory.

Deliver your inventory to the carrier: Drop off your shipment at the designated carrier location or arrange for the carrier to pick up the shipment from your location.

Track your shipment: Check your shipment status regularly in Seller Central to ensure that it reaches its destination on time.

By following these steps, you can quickly ship your goods to Amazon FBA and start selling to customers.

From China to Amazon FBA, Chinese freight experts provide the best shipping solutions. contact us.

Shipping goods via Express to Amazon FBA.

From China to Amazon FBA
DHLUSAYes3-5 days
CanadaYes4-8 days
UKYes3-5 days
UPSUSAYes4-6 days
CanadaYes4-8 days
UKYes3-5 days
FedexUSAYes4-6 days
CanadaYes4-8 days
UKYes3-5 days

How much does it cost to Ship to Amazon FBA?

Cost From China to Amazon FBA(USA)
Mode of transportPrice per kg(USD)Warehouse codeTime
By Sea
Truck delivery
0.58 ONT8/LGB8/LAX919-20 days
0.58 SBD1/SBD219-20 days
0.74 SMF3/SCK420-21 days
0.74 LAS1/GYR2/GYR320-21 days
1.05 FTW125-28 days
0.65 SNA4/LGB4/LGB625-30 days
0.68 KRB1/KRB4/KRB725-30 days
0.72 XLX725-30 days
0.77 OAK3/SJC7/PHX725-30 days
1.14 DFW6/SAT1/DEN825-30 days
1.23 MEM1/IND9/MQJ125-30 days
1.29 MDW2/CMH3/STL435-46 days
1.38 MDW6/ILG135-47 days
1.45 PIT2/CLT2/CLT335-48 days
1.54 ACY2/TEB3/ABE835-49 days
Fast Sea
Truck delivery
1.05 ONT8/LGB8/LAX915-16 days
1.08 SBD1/SBD215-16 days
1.20 SMF3/SCK415-16 days
1.23 LAS1/GYR2/GYR315-16 days
Cost From China to Amazon FBA(Canada)
Mode of transportPrice per kg(USD)Warehouse codeTime
Fast Sea
Truck delivery
2.38YYZ/YOO/YHM15-20 days
2.7Other warehouses15-20 days
Truck delivery
1.85YYZ/YOO/YHM30-40 days
2Other warehouses30-40 days
Cost From China to Amazon FBA(UK)
Mode of transportPrice per kg(USD)Warehouse codeTime
Sea (DDP)
Express delivery
1BHX430-35 days
1LBA430-35 days
Mode of transportPrice per CBM(USD)Warehouse codeTime
Sea (DDP)
Truck delivery
220BHX4/LBA430-35 days
250BHX1/BHX2/BHX3/30-35 days
255MME1/MME2/LTN4/30-40 days
265LCY2/MAN3/BRS1/30-40 days
290EDI4/GLA130-40 days
(Postponed VAT)
Truck delivery
100BHX4/LBA430-35 days
140BHX1/BHX2/BHX3/30-35 days
150MME1/MME2/LTN4/30-40 days
165LCY2/MAN3/BRS1/30-40 days
170EDI4/GLA130-40 days
For inquiries about other warehouses, please contact us. Prices updated as of June 2023

Shipping goods from Alibaba to Amazon FBA.

Most of Alibaba’s sellers are from China, and they ship from Chinese factories, and the whole process is from China to Amazon warehouse.

  1. Purchase the goods and ask the supplier to paste the goods label and the outer box FBA warehousing label.
  2. The supplier is required to send the goods to our designated warehouse in China.
  3. According to the requirements for cargo transportation, confirm the transportation method, sea transportation, air transportation, or express transportation.
  4. Declare export to Chinese customs, transport the goods according to your requirements, and purchase cargo insurance.
  5. When the goods arrive at the destination country, we will clear the customs and pay the customs duties for the goods.
  6. Transport the goods to the Amazon warehouse by truck or express. If it is delivered by truck, we will provide a POD receipt.

Cheapest way to Ship from China to Amazon FBA.

The cheapest way to transport goods from China to Amazon's warehouse is to ship by sea and deliver to the warehouse by truck at the destination port. It can save the shipping cost to the greatest extent for the seller. But this method is only suitable for most popular warehouses.
To learn more, please contact an Amazon Freight Specialist.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of Chinese freight forwarding company is ABL LOGISTICS?

    ABL LOGISTICS is headquartered in Guangzhou and was one of the earliest international freight forwarders established in China. With 15 years of experience in international transportation, the company offers highly competitive shipping prices and top-quality transportation services for air freight, sea freight, railway transport, and express delivery.
  • ABL LOGISTICS can provide transportation services to which countries?

    ABL LOGISTICS can provide global transportation agency services, provided that the countries are not under sanctions or blockade.
  • Who can be a customer of ABL LOGISTICS?

    Our customer base ranges from Fortune 500 companies to small retail business owners. We can customize different transportation services for different purchasers, and we can handle shipments ranging from 1 kg to container loads, providing transportation convenience to meet the needs of most people.
  • What is the payment method for shipping fees?

    For shipping fees below 500 US dollars, we can accept payment through Paypal or T/T. If the shipping fee exceeds 500 US dollars, we can only accept payment through T/T. However, if your supplier is willing to make payment to us in CNY, we are also happy to accept it.
  • How can I track the shipping status of my goods?

    For air freight: You can track the transportation route by entering the bill of lading number on the website of the airline company. The bill of lading number is composed of Arabic numerals and has a format of "***-**** ****". For sea freight: We usually recommend tracking the shipment through the container number on the website of the shipping company as this method is the most accurate.
  • Can working directly with Chinese freight forwarders help me save on logistics costs?

    Yes, ABL-LOGISTICS integrates all logistics and transportation resources and provides a variety of transportation options based on different types of cargo. Our expertise is sure to help you save on transportation costs.
  • Can you purchase insurance for goods?

    Yes, we have established a long-term partnership with Ping An Insurance Company of China to purchase transport insurance for goods. In the event that the goods are lost, stolen, or damaged during transportation, we can provide compensation up to 1.1 times the value of the goods.
  • What is the transportation time? What compensation can I get if there is a delay in delivery of goods?

    ABL LOGISTICS is a VIP customer of multiple airlines and shipping companies. While ensuring the safety of the goods, airlines and shipping companies will prioritize the transportation of our goods. Regarding compensation for delivery delays, if both parties have agreed on a specific time for delivery and there is a delay, we can provide compensation according to the agreement.
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