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Services We Can Provide

  • Air Freight

  • Sea Freight

  • International Express

  • Shipping to FBA

  • Purchasing Agent

  • Warehousing

  • Inspection of Goods

  • Cargo transport insurance

  • Pickup & Delivery

  • Custom Clearance

  • Collection & Repacking

Air Freight Shipping from China to USA

When you need a fast, economical, and reliable solution to move your goods from China to the USA, it's time to rely on us - ABL Logistics - to efficiently deliver them. We offer quick air freight solutions.

  • Very Competitive Air Shipping Prices
  • Shipping from China to United States
  • Transportation of oversized and overweight cargo
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FCL Shipping from China to USA

Full Container Load (FCL) transport usually provides faster and more stable transportation services because the entire loading and unloading process only needs to deal with the same shipper, avoiding delays and losses that may be caused by unpacking, sorting, and coordination. It only takes 11 days to ship from Shanghai, China to the Port of Long Beach, Los Angeles, USA

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LCL Shipping from China to USA

Shipping through ABL LOGISTICS involves consolidating goods from multiple different shippers into a single container for transportation, in order to achieve cost savings. This approach provides reasonable shipping prices and there are no hidden fees at the destination port. It is particularly suitable for transporting small to medium-sized cargo.

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Transit Time

Shipping Time From China to USA

The shipping time to the USA can vary depending on several factors, including the chosen shipping method and destination points. When using ABL Logistics for standard air freight to the United States, the delivery time typically ranges from 1 to 5 business days. For LCL sea shipments, the transit time can be expected to be around 25 to 40 days, while FCL shipments generally take between 12 to 30 days for delivery.

12-35 days

By Sea Freight

1-5 days

By Air Freight

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Transportation Methods

Various transportation methods are available for shipping goods from China to the USA, each offering its own advantages in terms of speed and convenience. Air to Airport services provide a rapid delivery option, with goods arriving at the airport within 1 to 3 days. For slightly longer but convenient and expedited shipping, Express to Door services take around 2 to 5 days to deliver your goods directly to your doorstep.

If you opt for Sea to Port shipping, it takes approximately 2 weeks for your goods to reach the destination port in the USA. For the most cost-effective sea transport while still ensuring relatively swift delivery, Sea to Door services typically take around 20 to 50 days to bring your cargo right to your door. The choice of transportation method depends on your specific needs, budget, and the urgency of your shipment.

From China to USAModeTimeDDP
Air To Airport Yes1-3 daysNo
Sea To PortYes15-40 daysNo
Railway to StationNoNoNo
Express to DoorYes2-5 daysNo
Air to DoorYes5-10 daysYes
Sea to DoorYes20-50 daysYes
Railway to DoorNoNoNo
Truck to DoorNoNoNo

FCL Shipping Cost

Departure PortDestination Port20GP(USD)40GP(USD)
ShanghaiPort of Los Angeles14001800
Port of New York
Port of Savannah
Port of Long Beach14001700
NingboPort of Los Angeles14501800
Port of New York21002750
Port of Long Beach14001700
Port of Savannah22002800
ShenzhenPort of Los Angeles14501850
Port of New York21502750
Port of Long Beach14501750
Port of Savannah22002800
XiamenPort of Los Angeles13501750
Port of New York21502700
Port of Long Beach14501800
Port of Savannah21502750
QingdaoPort of Los Angeles13501850
Port of New York21502750
Port of Long Beach14501850
Port of Savannah22002800
FCL Ocean Freight Shipping Costs from China to the USA (updated Feb 2024)

Air Freight Cost

Departure CityDestination AirportRangePrice Per KG (USD)
New York City(JFK)
Los Angeles(LAX)100KGS-499KGS4.2
New York City(JFK)
Los Angeles(LAX)100KGS-499KGS4.2
New York City(JFK)
Los Angeles(LAX)100KGS-499KGS4.1
New York City(JFK)
Los Angeles(LAX)100KGS-499KGS4
Air freight Shipping Costs from China to the USA (updated Feb 2024)

Cost-Effective Transportation Modes from China to the USA

In terms of cost-effectiveness, sea freight is often the most budget-friendly option for transporting goods from China to the USA. ABL Logistic specializes in providing comprehensive DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) sea freight services that not only offer affordability but also streamline the entire shipping process, ultimately optimizing both your cost and time savings. Our DDP sea freight service includes door-to-door delivery, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination efficiently and economically.

What goods does the USA mainly import from China?

  • Electronic devices: including computers, cell phones, tablets, televisions.
  • Machinery and parts: including engines, hydraulic equipment, pumps, valves.
  • Furniture and home decor: including sofas, tables, beds, curtains, lamps.
  • Textiles and clothing: including clothes, shoes, hats, gloves, scarfs.
  • Vehicles and accessories: including cars, trucks, motorcycles, tires, brake systems.
  • Plastic products: including plastic bags, plastic containers, plastic pipes, plastic sheets.
  • Chemical products: including fertilizers, plastic raw materials, pigments, dyes, pharmaceutical materials.
  • Hardware products: including locks, nails, hinges, screws, door handles.
  • Toys: including dolls, models, puzzles, electronic games.
  • Footwear: including leather shoes, sports shoes, boots, sandals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is FCL faster than LCL?

    FCL (Full Container Load) is faster than LCL (Less than Container Load) because it involves shipping an entire container dedicated to your cargo, while LCL combines shipments from multiple customers in a single container. This minimizes handling, transshipment, and delays.
  • What is the quicker way to ship to the USA by sea?

    The quickest way to ship to the USA by sea is to opt for FCL (Full Container Load) shipping with ABL Logistic. For example, our Shanghai to Long Beach route can achieve an impressive 11-day transit time, ensuring a swift and efficient delivery for your cargo.
  • Can goods purchased from Alibaba be shipped to the USA?

    ABL specializes in shipping goods to the USA, and this includes products purchased from Alibaba. Whether you are an e-commerce seller, a business importing goods, or an individual buyer, ABL Logistic can assist in transporting your Alibaba purchases to the USA. The process typically involves coordinating the pick-up of your goods from the supplier, arranging transportation to the port of departure, managing customs documentation, and overseeing the shipment until it reaches its final destination. ABL Logistic's expertise in international logistics ensures a smooth and reliable shipping process for your Alibaba-sourced products. In the case of FOB terms, you should request the supplier to deliver the goods to our warehouse. Meanwhile, with EXW terms, we will arrange to collect the goods from any location in China.
  • How does ABL Logistic handle customs clearance and documentation for shipments?

    ABL Logistic offers comprehensive customs clearance and documentation services to streamline the import process. Our experts ensure compliance with U.S. regulations and manage all required paperwork. We take care of every detail to expedite the clearance process, minimizing delays and ensuring your cargo reaches its final destination without complications.
  • What types of cargo can ABL handle for shipping to the USA?

    ABL Logistic's expertise extends to handling various types of cargo for shipping to the USA. Whether you are dealing with general cargo, specialized products such as machinery or electronics, perishable goods like food items or pharmaceuticals, or even hazardous materials that require special handling and compliance with regulations, we have the knowledge and experience to manage your shipment.


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