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From China to Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai and other Indian cities, Sea container, air freight, express delivery, door to door.

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Services We Can Provide

  • Air Freight

  • Sea Freight

  • International Express

  • Pickup & Delivery

  • Cargo transport insurance

  • Inspection of Goods

  • Warehousing

  • Purchasing Agent

  • Custom Clearance

  • Collection & Repacking

Air Freight Shipping from China to India

When you need a fast, economical, and reliable solution to move your goods from China to the rest of the world, it's time to rely on us - ABL Logistics - to efficiently deliver them. We offer quick air freight solutions.

  • Very Competitive Air Shipping Prices
  • Shipping from China to the world
  • Transportation of oversized and overweight cargo
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FCL Shipping from China to India

Full Container Load (FCL) transport usually provides faster and more stable transportation services because the entire loading and unloading process only needs to deal with the same shipper, avoiding delays and losses that may be caused by unpacking, sorting, and coordination. It only takes 10 days from China to Chennai and Nava Sheva in India at the fastest.

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LCL Shipping from China to India

Shipping through ABL LOGISTICS involves consolidating goods from multiple different shippers into a single container for transportation, in order to achieve cost savings. This approach provides reasonable shipping prices and there are no hidden fees at the destination port. It is particularly suitable for transporting small to medium-sized cargo.

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Transit Time

Shipping Time From China to India

ABL LOGISTICS aims to establish long-term and stable partnerships with shipping and airline companies, ensuring that we have access to more cargo space regardless of whether it is peak season or off-season. This allows us to offer competitive pricing to our customers.

20-30 days

By Sea Freight

1-3 days

By Air Freight

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Our Airports In China & India

  • India
  • China
  • Port In India

    INJNP Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust
    INMUN Mundra Port
    INPAV Pipavav Port
    INMAA Chennai Port
    INVTZ Visakhapatnam Port
    INKRI Krishnapatnam Port
    INKAN Kandla Port
    INTUT Tuticorin Port
    INENR Ennore Port
    INCOK Cochin Port
  • Airports in India

    DEL Indira Gandhi International Airport
    BOM Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
    BLR Kempegowda International Airport
    MAA Chennai International Airport
    CCU Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport
    HYD Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
    COK Cochin International Airport

What are the transportation methods available from China to the India, and how long does it take?

From China to IndiaModeTimeDDP
Air To Airport Yes1-3 daysNo
Sea To ProtYes10-20 daysNo
Railway to StationNoNoNo
Express to DoorYes2-4 daysNo
Air to DoorYes3-5 daysYes
Sea to DoorYes20-30 daysYes
Railway to DoorNoNoNo
Truck to DoorNoNoNo

What is the FCL shipping cost from China to the India?

Departure PortDestination Port20GP(USD)40GP(USD)
ShanghaiChennai Port10501250
Nhava Sheva9501050
New Delhi(P)16501850
Kolkata Port12501650
NingboChennai Port10001200
Nhava Sheva9001000
New Delhi(P)16001800
Kolkata Port12001600
ShenzhenChennai Port9501150
Nhava Sheva850950
New Delhi(P)15501750
Kolkata Port11501550
XiamenChennai Port10001200
Nhava Sheva9001000
New Delhi(P)16001800
Kolkata Port12001600
QingdaoChennai Port10801280
Nhava Sheva9801080
New Delhi(P)16801880
Kolkata Port12801680
FCL Ocean Freight Shipping Costs from China to the India (updated Feb 2024)

What is the air freight cost from China to the India?

Departure CityDestination AirportRangePrice Per KG (USD)
Shenzhen(SZX)Chennai (MAA)100KGS-499KGS2.2
Bengaluru (BLR)100KGS-499KGS2.4
Mumbai (BOM)100KGS-499KGS2.5
Hyderabad (HYD)100KGS-499KGS3.1
 Kolkata (CCU)100KGS-499KGS3.1
New Delhi (DEL)100KGS-499KGS2.4
Guangzhou(CAN)Chennai (MAA)100KGS-499KGS2
Bengaluru (BLR)100KGS-499KGS2.2
Mumbai (BOM)100KGS-499KGS2.3
Hyderabad (HYD)100KGS-499KGS2.9
 Kolkata (CCU)100KGS-499KGS2.9
New Delhi (DEL)100KGS-499KGS2.2
Shanghai(PVG)Chennai (MAA)100KGS-499KGS2.1
Bengaluru (BLR)100KGS-499KGS2.3
Mumbai (BOM)100KGS-499KGS2.4
Hyderabad (HYD)100KGS-499KGS3
 Kolkata (CCU)100KGS-499KGS3
New Delhi (DEL)100KGS-499KGS2.3
Beijing(PEK)Chennai (MAA)100KGS-499KGS2.3
Bengaluru (BLR)100KGS-499KGS2.5
Mumbai (BOM)100KGS-499KGS2.6
Hyderabad (HYD)100KGS-499KGS3.2
 Kolkata (CCU)100KGS-499KGS3.2
New Delhi (DEL)100KGS-499KGS2.5
Air freight Shipping Costs from China to the India (updated Feb 2024)

What is the cheapest mode of transportation from China to the India?

The cheapest way to transport goods from China to the India is through sea freight to port. Similarly, we provide DDP sea freight delivery to your door, which can maximize your cost and time savings.

What goods does the India mainly import from China?

  • Electronics: Including smartphones, tablets, televisions, computers, and accessories.
  • Textiles and Apparel: India imports a significant amount of textiles such as fabrics, clothing, and home textiles.
  • Machinery and Equipment: This category includes engines, pumps, compressors, cranes, and various industrial equipment.
  • Chemical Products: Imports consist of chemical raw materials, plastic products, rubber products, and cosmetics.
  • Home Goods: Examples include furniture, lighting fixtures, kitchenware, and tableware.
  • Plastic Products: India imports plastic bags, containers, toys, and other plastic products from China.
  • Automotive Parts: The Indian automotive industry relies on imports of various components from China.
  • Power Equipment: This includes transformers, wires and cables, power generation equipment, and more.

Can goods purchased from Alibaba be shipped to the India?

If it is FOB terms, you will need to ask the supplier to send the goods to our warehouse.
If it is EXW terms, we will come to pick up the goods from anywhere in China.
Chinese freight experts.Providing the best transportation solutions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • ABL LOGISTICS can provide transportation services to which countries?

    ABL LOGISTICS can provide global transportation agency services, provided that the countries are not under sanctions or blockade.
  • Who can be a customer of ABL LOGISTICS?

    Our customer base ranges from Fortune 500 companies to small retail business owners. We can customize different transportation services for different purchasers, and we can handle shipments ranging from 1 kg to container loads, providing transportation convenience to meet the needs of most people.
  • Can you purchase insurance for goods?

    Yes, we have established a long-term partnership with Ping An Insurance Company of China to purchase transport insurance for goods. In the event that the goods are lost, stolen, or damaged during transportation, we can provide compensation up to 1.1 times the value of the goods.
  • What is the transportation time? What compensation can I get if there is a delay in delivery of goods?

    ABL LOGISTICS is a VIP customer of multiple airlines and shipping companies. While ensuring the safety of the goods, airlines and shipping companies will prioritize the transportation of our goods. Regarding compensation for delivery delays, if both parties have agreed on a specific time for delivery and there is a delay, we can provide compensation according to the agreement.
  • What kind of Chinese freight forwarding company is ABL LOGISTICS?

    ABL LOGISTICS is headquartered in Guangzhou and was one of the earliest international freight forwarders established in China. With 15 years of experience in international transportation, the company offers highly competitive shipping prices and top-quality transportation services for air freight, sea freight, railway transport, and express delivery.
  • Can working directly with Chinese freight forwarders help me save on logistics costs?

    Yes, ABL-LOGISTICS integrates all logistics and transportation resources and provides a variety of transportation options based on different types of cargo. Our expertise is sure to help you save on transportation costs.
  • How can I track the shipping status of my goods?

    For air freight: You can track the transportation route by entering the bill of lading number on the website of the airline company. The bill of lading number is composed of Arabic numerals and has a format of "***-**** ****". For sea freight: We usually recommend tracking the shipment through the container number on the website of the shipping company as this method is the most accurate.
  • What is the payment method for shipping fees?

    For shipping fees below 500 US dollars, we can accept payment through Paypal or T/T. If the shipping fee exceeds 500 US dollars, we can only accept payment through T/T. However, if your supplier is willing to make payment to us in CNY, we are also happy to accept it.

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ABL-LOGISTICS offer international air freight, international sea freight (FCL & LCL), oversized cargo transportation, door-to-door delivery, or delivery to Amazon warehouses.

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