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Our dedicated team is committed to service efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility. Thanks to 15 years of logistics experience, ABL has become one of the Best Freight Forwarders in China.

Freight Forwarding Services at ABL

Global logistics expertise you can count on for international shipping, courier services and transportation. Our freight services include air, ocean, rail freight, warehouse, customs clearance, etc.

Freight Shipping Solutions at ABL

Benefiting from our worldwide network of offices and contact with all major shipping lines, ABL Logistics can offer various freight solutions to deliver your cargo from China to all over the world. From air to ocean to rail and road transportation, our competitive freight solutions get your shipments where and when they need to be there. Experience the best freight shipping company’s services today in a complete manner with NO HASSLES with a quick quote.

Best Freight Forwarder in China

Shipping from China to Canada

Best Freight Forwarder in China

Shipping from China to Europe


ABL Is Not Your Ordinary Freight Forwarder In China

Over 15 years in logistics, 300+ locations, and more than 10,000 shipments annually, ABL Logistics has set the standard for unprecedented customer shipping experiences. Our business varies from Air Freight & Ocean Freight, Rail Freight & Multimodal Transport, B2B Logistics Solutions, Shipping To Amazon FBA, and Sourcing Agent In China, among others.

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When it Comes to Freight, We’re with You Door-To-Door

Our comprehensive door-to-door delivery service is among the long list of freight forwarding services offered by ABL Logistics.

We offer fast and affordable door-to-door shipping services with pick up from your China suppliers, delivery to destinations, land transportation, customs clearance, paperwork, and 24/7 tracking.

Cargo Quality Monitoring and Tracking

With ABL Logistics, you can see the journey of your shipments. You can book any combination of port-to-port, door-to-door, and more. Whichever method you choose, you can stay on top of the latest developments in your shipments.

Our clients trust us with high-value cargo or sensitive cargo because of our precise tracking of security-sensitive transports.

Contact us today to see how ABL Logistics brings more value to your high-value transports.

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    We provide shipping from China to Amazon warehouse, Air transportation, Sea transportation, Express Service,Customs Brokerage, Warehousing, Sourcing Agent in China, Cargo insurance etc.

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    What Our Clients Say about ABL’s
    Freight Forwarding Services

    I’ve been shipping with ABL Logistics now for the past 5 years. I had a lot of time to look into different freight shipping companies, and ABL was the best and is now. It’s been constantly updated and evolving as the shipping industry and how customers expect to get goods to become. Their support is excellent, and all my questions and queries are resolved. I highly recommend ABL Logistics.

    FCL shipping from China to Canada, Susie

    The professionalism with which ABL Logistics handled our cargo project and its cost-effective freight solutions allowed us to deliver our products to our valued customers in a more efficient and predictable way. ABL Logistics worked with our schedule and gave us the freight shipping solutions we needed with speed and quality. Highly recommend and would partner with them again.

    Express shipping from China to the US, Adrian

    Our client purchases heavy machinery. Not only it’s difficult to ship but it’s even more challenging to handle shipping procedures. Expertise is vital when hauling any oversized cargo. It’s not just attention to detail but the appropriate logistics experience. ABL Logistics helped us simplify the logistics and give our clients great shipping and delivery experience.

    Sea freight shipments from China to Germany, ZayYar

    Our Logistics Partners

    No matter your industry or business size, ABL Logistics can help. We have teams of logistics experts dedicated to our customers. We work with the best, most reputable carriers in the world.