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ABL-LOGISTICS are proficient in the global logistics market and possess relevant experience and skills. They provide reasonable transportation plans, customized logistics solutions, container and LCL services, etc. They work with multiple parties such as customs, ports, and warehouses to coordinate and collaborate, ensuring smooth transportation of goods while avoiding unnecessary expenses.

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Shipping various types of goods.

Transportation of general cargo and providing transportation solutions for oversized and overweight cargo.

  • Mechanical equipment.
  • Textile fabrics & textiles.
  • Footwear & fashion apparel.
  • Automobiles components.
  • Toys.
  • Furniture & paper products.
  • sports equipment.
  • Hardware & glass products.
  • Electronic cigarettes.
  • Wires, cables & accessories.
  • Amusement equipment.
  • Lamps & lighting devices.
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Ship Goods From China To The World

Why ship from China?

  • Cost advantage: China is one of the largest manufacturing bases in the world, which means that production and logistics costs are relatively low. This makes buying goods from China more economical than purchasing from other regions.
  • Production capacity: China has a vast manufacturing infrastructure and numerous manufacturers and suppliers who can meet production demands of various scales and typically produce products at a fast rate.
  • Logistical support: China has an advanced logistics network that provides efficient domestic and international transportation services with high reliability and flexibility.
  • Abundant resources: China is a resource-rich country and can provide a wide range of materials and components, including many scarce materials and technologies to meet various production needs.
  • Quality assurance: Chinese manufacturers and suppliers typically have good quality management systems and strictly adhere to international and industry standards. This means that goods purchased from China usually have a higher level of quality assurance.

What are the ways to ship from China?

  • Sea Freight: Sea freight is one of the most commonly used ways to ship from China. This method is typically suitable for large and heavy goods such as furniture, machinery equipment, auto parts, etc. Although sea freight takes longer, it is relatively low-cost.
  • Air Freight: Air freight is another commonly used way to ship from China. This method is suitable for urgent shipments that need to be delivered quickly, such as electronics, fashion brands, fresh food, etc. Air freight costs are relatively high but can provide fast and reliable delivery services.
  • Rail Transport: With the advancement of the “Belt and Road” initiative, rail transport is becoming an increasingly popular choice. This method is suitable for medium- and long-distance transportation, such as transporting Chinese products to Russia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, etc.
  • Express Delivery: Express delivery is suitable for small and lightweight goods such as clothing, shoes, digital products, etc. There are numerous express delivery companies such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, Aramex, EMS, etc. They can provide convenient door-to-door pickup and delivery services and usually arrive at the destination in a short time.
  • Land Transport: Land transport is usually suitable for the transportation of goods over shorter distances, such as transporting products from inland areas of China to coastal cities or neighboring countries. This method can provide faster delivery times and relatively lower costs.

When purchasing goods from China, should I use the supplier’s freight forwarder or my own?

  • Cost: As both the purchaser and the Chinese supplier entrust the shipment to a Chinese freight forwarder, the cost of transportation is relatively fixed. Chinese suppliers have established long-term business relationships with freight forwarders and obtain discounts, but it cannot be ruled out that they may increase the cost to earn more profit.
  • Control: If you want better control over the entire logistics process, including choosing shipping companies and supervising the details of goods transportation, using your own international freight forwarder may be more suitable. It allows for direct and swift communication with the freight forwarder to track the latest progress of the goods.
  • Experience: If you do not have enough experience in handling international trade and logistics affairs, consider finding a reliable freight forwarder or professional international freight forwarder who can provide support and advice.
  • Convenience: The FOB terms of shipment provide greater flexibility, and the buyer has more control over the goods. ABL LOGISTICS can provide more value-added services including cargo insurance, cargo inspection, consolidation, and highly competitive transportation prices.

What is the cheapest way to ship from China?

The cheapest way to ship from China is usually through sea freight. Sea freight typically takes a longer time to transport goods, but it is relatively cheaper in price. Additionally, if the goods are relatively light, consider using air express or dedicated line small parcel shipping. These methods are typically faster but more expensive. The specific choice of which method to use will depend on your actual situation and needs.

How long does it take to ship from China? Do you offer door-to-door DDP service?

The time it takes to transport from China depends on the mode of transport chosen. Sea freight usually takes longer, ranging from weeks to months, while air freight can arrive in days or weeks. Door-to-door DDP service, ABL-LOGISTICS provides this service.

What is the safest way to ship from China?

If the goods have a high value and time sensitivity, it is recommended to use faster logistics methods such as air freight or express delivery; while if the goods are large in volume and time is not critical, ocean or land transportation can be considered for more economical logistics options. In addition, regardless of the logistics method chosen, reputable, high-quality, and experienced logistics companies should be selected to ensure the safety and timely arrival of the goods. When choosing a logistics company, historical records, customer reviews, qualification certificates, and other information can be used to make judgments.

Finally, regardless of the chosen logistics method, goods should be properly packaged to avoid damage or loss during transportation.

How should I choose between DHL, UPS, and FedEx for shipping from China?

  • DHL: DHL is a German express company with extensive global coverage and is one of the world’s largest express and logistics companies. DHL is known for its speed and reliability, offering both standard and expedited delivery services.
  • UPS: UPS is an American express company and is also one of the world’s largest express and logistics companies. Like DHL, UPS offers both standard and expedited delivery services and is known for its excellent package tracking system.
  • FedEx: FedEx is another American express company and is also one of the world’s largest express and logistics companies. FedEx offers various types of express services, including priority, standard, and economy shipping.
  • ABL Logistics has over 15 years of freight forwarding experience and can provide the best international express transportation solutions. Please contact us to learn more.

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ABL-LOGISTICS offer international air freight, international sea freight (FCL & LCL), oversized cargo transportation, door-to-door delivery, or delivery to Amazon warehouses.

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