What is Inland Transportation? What are The Benefits?

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What is Inland Transportation? What are The Benefits?

You may have heard the term “inland transportation” but not know exactly what it means. Let us explain.

Inland transportation is the transportation of goods by truck, train, or boat within a country’s borders. It’s a more cost-effective way to move goods around than shipping them overseas.

There are many benefits to using inland transportation, including lower shipping costs, shorter delivery times, and fewer customs delays. Inland transportation is a reliable and efficient way to move your goods from point A to point B.

What is Inland Transportation?

Inland transportation is the movement of goods from one place to another by water. That might sound complicated, but it’s really not. It just means that the goods are moving via a river or canal, as opposed to being transported by truck or rail.

There are a few benefits to using inland transportation. For starters, it’s a lot more environmentally friendly, because there are fewer emissions from trucks and trains. It’s also more cost-effective because you’re using the natural resources of the river or canal to move the goods.

Inland transportation can be used for both domestic and international shipments, and it’s a great option for companies that want to reduce their carbon footprint.

What are the Modes of Inland Transportation?

When it comes to inland transportation, there are a few different modes of transportation you can use:

-Rail: Trains are a popular way to transport goods, as they’re relatively cheap and can carry a large load. Plus, they’re more environmentally friendly than other forms of transportation.

-Barge: Inland water transport by barge is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. It’s also faster and more reliable than rail. Your freight can access areas by barge, which are not accessible by large vessels.

-Truck: Trucks are the most commonly used form of inland transportation, as they’re able to travel on both paved and unpaved roads. However, they’re also the most costly and least environmentally-friendly option.

What are the key advantages of Inland Transportation?

There are several key advantages of inland transportation.

Cost-effective. It’s more cost-effective than maritime transportation. Shipping goods by water can be up to twice as expensive as shipping them by land.

More reliable. Maritime transportation is often affected by bad weather, which can delay or disrupt your shipment. By contrast, inland transportation is rarely affected by bad weather.

More Environmentally Friendly. Maritime transportation is a significantly more polluting way to transport goods than land transportation.

More Efficient. Inland transportation can handle larger shipments than maritime transportation, so you can move more cargo in less time.

Why Choose ABL Logistics for Your Inland Transportation?

Single Point of Contact: You don’t need to get in touch with multiple carriers. We do all the work for you as we have an extensive and flexible global logistics network.

Simplified Billing Process: When booking Inland Transportation with ABL, you won’t get separate bills, but everything will be included in one invoice, improving your ease of use.

Cost-efficient Solutions: We minimize your transportation costs more efficiently and cost-effectively by consolidating multiple partial shipments into one full shipment.

We also use intermodal shipping to save you money. E.g. rail transportation is considerably cheaper than trucking, but a unique combination of these two can help you stay on time and a budget.

Door-to-door Services: With ABL, you can book your cargo from warehouse to warehouse and ensure flexible and transparent end-to-end logistics.

Free Warehousing Services: If you are shipping from China to countries worldwide, you can store products in our warehouses in different cities in China and thus drastically reduce transport costs. ABL makes sure that the operation of our warehouse is safe.

Time-saving Process: Covering truck, rail, and barge, our inland logistics services aim to get your shipments to their final destination with fewer handovers and a simple end-to-end approach.

Environmentally-friendly: Sustainability is essential for our customers and us. ABL team is focused on sustainability and developing logistics solutions to limit our impact on the environment.

How to Get An Inland Transportation Quote?

Contacting a freight broker is the best place to start when looking for prices or quotes for inland transportation. A freight broker will have access to a wide range of carriers and can help you find the best price for your shipment.

Once you’ve found a broker, the next step is to provide as much information as possible about your shipment, which includes the weight, size, and destination of your cargo. The more information you can provide, the better your broker will be able to match you with a carrier that’s a good fit for your needs.

If you need information on Inland Transportation Price, please consult ABL for the inland freight rates.

How can ABL Logistics help me with Inland Transportation services?

ABL Logistics can help you with inland transportation services that can get your goods where they need to go, quickly and efficiently. We have a wide network of carriers that we work with, so we can find the best solution for your needs.

We understand that every business is different, so we offer a variety of options for inland transportation services. We can help you with trucking, rail, and barge services, so you can choose the option that’s best for your business.

We also offer a variety of value-added services to help make your logistics process easier. We can help you with customs brokerage, cargo insurance, and more. So if you’re looking for a logistics partner that can provide inland transportation services, ABL Logistics is the company for you.

Final Thought:

Using a freight expert right from the start saves you expensive follow-up costs for any possible damage to the goods. You also avoid problems and unnecessary surprises during transport.

If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient way to move your goods, consider using inland transportation. We can help you get your products from China to anywhere they need to go, quickly and affordably. Contact us today to learn more!

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