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Cargo transport insurance.

International express, air freight, sea freight, all with free cargo transport insurance so

  • Insured by the largest insurance company in China.
  • Full coverage cargo transport insurance, from door to door.
  • Insurance compensation amount is based on 110% of the value of the goods.

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Extensive Experience in
Cargo transport insurance

There are certain risks associated with sea, air, or railway transportation. If your goods are lost, damaged, or stolen, it can quickly impact the entire supply and production chain. To mitigate this, we offer insurance coverage for your goods valued at 110% of their value.

  • Quality&Safety 99%

  • Customer Satisfaction 99%

What is international freight insurance.

International freight insurance refers to a kind of protection provided for commodities transported in international trade, mainly for the loss of goods due to accidents or other force majeure during transportation, such as goods being damaged by storms at sea, A traffic accident occurs during transportation, etc.

International freight insurance is usually provided by the insurance company or its agent, and the coverage includes physical damage during the transportation of the goods, theft or loss of the goods, etc. Depending on the terms and conditions of the insurance, cargo owners can choose to purchase different types and amounts of insurance to protect the safety of their cargo.

International freight insurance is generally divided into two types: one is “cargo transportation insurance” for insurance compensation based on the value of the goods, and the other is “transportation liability insurance” for compensation based on the scope of liability.

It should be noted that international cargo insurance cannot completely avoid any loss of goods during transportation, but it can provide a safeguard for cargo owners to mitigate economic losses caused by cargo loss.

Shipping from China, China freight forwarder buys insurance.

If you use a freight forwarder to ship from China, generally speaking, the freight forwarder will provide cargo insurance services, and you can choose to purchase the corresponding insurance plan from the freight forwarder. Choose ABL LOGISTICS to provide comprehensive agency cargo transportation insurance services.

When purchasing insurance, you need to provide the freight forwarder with detailed information about the goods, such as the name of the goods, quantity, weight, value, etc., so that ABL LOGISTICS can customize the most suitable insurance plan for you. At the same time, you should also carefully read the insurance terms and insurance amount to ensure that the insurance plan you purchase can effectively protect the safety of the goods.

What are the freight forwarders in China that can provide insurance agency?

  • China Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • PICC Property Insurance Company Limited
  • China Taiping Insurance Group Co., Ltd.
  • China United Property Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd.
  • land insurance co., ltd.
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Successful cases of special cargo, air and sea.

15 years of rich experience, overweight and long cargo, providing the best logistics solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of Chinese freight forwarding company is ABL LOGISTICS?

    ABL LOGISTICS is headquartered in Guangzhou and was one of the earliest international freight forwarders established in China. With 15 years of experience in international transportation, the company offers highly competitive shipping prices and top-quality transportation services for air freight, sea freight, railway transport, and express delivery.
  • ABL LOGISTICS can provide transportation services to which countries?

    ABL LOGISTICS can provide global transportation agency services, provided that the countries are not under sanctions or blockade.
  • Who can be a customer of ABL LOGISTICS?

    Our customer base ranges from Fortune 500 companies to small retail business owners. We can customize different transportation services for different purchasers, and we can handle shipments ranging from 1 kg to container loads, providing transportation convenience to meet the needs of most people.
  • What is the payment method for shipping fees?

    For shipping fees below 500 US dollars, we can accept payment through Paypal or T/T. If the shipping fee exceeds 500 US dollars, we can only accept payment through T/T. However, if your supplier is willing to make payment to us in CNY, we are also happy to accept it.
  • How can I track the shipping status of my goods?

    For air freight: You can track the transportation route by entering the bill of lading number on the website of the airline company. The bill of lading number is composed of Arabic numerals and has a format of "***-**** ****". For sea freight: We usually recommend tracking the shipment through the container number on the website of the shipping company as this method is the most accurate.
  • Can working directly with Chinese freight forwarders help me save on logistics costs?

    Yes, ABL-LOGISTICS integrates all logistics and transportation resources and provides a variety of transportation options based on different types of cargo. Our expertise is sure to help you save on transportation costs.
  • Can you purchase insurance for goods?

    Yes, we have established a long-term partnership with Ping An Insurance Company of China to purchase transport insurance for goods. In the event that the goods are lost, stolen, or damaged during transportation, we can provide compensation up to 1.1 times the value of the goods.
  • What is the transportation time? What compensation can I get if there is a delay in delivery of goods?

    ABL LOGISTICS is a VIP customer of multiple airlines and shipping companies. While ensuring the safety of the goods, airlines and shipping companies will prioritize the transportation of our goods. Regarding compensation for delivery delays, if both parties have agreed on a specific time for delivery and there is a delay, we can provide compensation according to the agreement.
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